Volume 1 No. 2: The Death of NAFTA and Why it Happens: An Explanation from Economic Process of Regime Change

Celica Andini
Departement of International Relations
Universitas Indonesia


The death of 24 years old North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) replaced by USMCA (United States, Mexico, and Canada) recently draw a vast international attention. With the new deal concentrate in tightening intellectual property rights, dairy products and digital technology enforced in 2020. Several assume that these is merely a power-talk from United States and current demeanour is going to jeopardize international regime composure. This paper aim to counter prior assumption and further explain the factors that might influence these regimentals change and why is it wrong. Borrowing theory of complex interdependence and its unnecessarily asymmetrical effects to explain power politics in economic process of regime change. Subsequently, Canada and Mexico felt change of regime is unavoidable considering technology, people’s inquiry as well as the aggregate is going upward the current regime cannot sustain. Is neither zero-sum or realist control over power, it’s a win – win with a clear win for United States and half-win for Canada and Mexico for this agreement and what’s left in the future of international regime.

Keywords: NAFTA, USMCA, Economic Process of Regime Change, Complex

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